Chad Wade from Chad Wade TV interviews Jordan Cardile

Story of a Hustler from New York who Didn't Give Up on his Sunshine Dreams!

In the highly competitive world of vaping, where new brands emerge regularly, Dust Vapor has managed to stand out from the crowd becoming a consumer favorite. A product of Dust Enterprises LLC, owes its rapid growth in popularity to the relentless efforts of its CEO, Jordan Cardile, along with a vape device that has taken the vaping community by storm - the "DUST5500”

What's so interesting about the Dust Vapor brand is that their popularity has spread purely through word-of-mouth, not driven by a massive marketing campaign or heavy advertising spending but the smoothness of each puff and the undeniable "Swag" it exudes. However, what truly catapulted Dust Vapes rapid popularity was the exceptional array of flavors offered. With 8 flavors that are nothing short of extraordinary, they've managed to capture the taste buds of vapers across the nation. Their flavors include Sour-Patch, Warheads-Watermelon, Gusher-Grape, Airheads-White-Mystery, StrawBurst Banana, Mango-Punch, Midnight-Ice and Iced-MintTwo flavors, Warheads Watermelon and Midnight Ice (Black Ice) have garnered particular attention for their exceptional taste, easily outshining the competition in the flavored vape market.

Known as the vape brand of the night-life industry, Dust Vapor recently found a home when partnering with the local Vape Vending Machine company and Chris Willis that has over 50+ locations in South Florida including The Wharf of Fort Lauderdale, Cosmos Nightclub in Boca Raton, Sway Nightclub, Revolution Live, Eagle Bar, Miami Mojito Company and many more. Another strategic move was Dust placement of their Instagram QR Code on the back side of their vape devices which makes Dust Vapor easily accessible to its target audience.

Powered by the sheer hustle and determination of its CEO, Jordan Cardile, who embarked on this journey with no prior experience in the industry. He witnessed firsthand the positive reactions & body language of people who tried the DUST 5500, and this served as the driving force behind the company's recent success. Putting his personal life on hold to fully focus on this business venture, eventually his unwavering commitment paid off when their recent shipment of the "DUST 5500" device sold out

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“Chad Wade, Owner of UNS Wholesale in Kentucky having a conversation with Jordan Cardile, CEO of Dust Vapes”


When Jordan first ventured into the vibrant & intriguing Sunshine State of Florida he was armed with a Bachelor's Degree but lost for a career. His vision of being by the beach, surrounded by palm trees while pursuing his passions was met with many challenges, failures, and countless setbacks. Over the course of a decade, Jordan faced numerous trials and tribulations, often having to return to his Italian neighborhood in Staten Island, New York with his dreams temporarily deferred.

Jordan's remarkable resilience serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that success often arises from the ashes of failure and unwavering determination can turn dreams into reality.

Their Social Media has played a pivotal role in their recent burst of growth from engaging with customers, sharing user-generated content, and creating a sense of an "Real and Authentic" community among their followers. If you're intrigued by all the buzz, momentum among the rave reviews surrounding Dust, you can place an order on their website. Prepare to be surprised and impressed by what has become the epitome of a word-of-mouth success story in the

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